Hippocampus Essay: Metal Disorders And Effects

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Metal Disorders and Effects in Hippocampus
Cristian Zapata
English Composition
County College of Morris

Among the general population, depression is common and can possibly affect all ages. Metal disorder like depression affects the person living condition, affects the hippocampus, and it have different ways that can be treated. Depression permits the feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Depression is a silent killer; that can be undetectable. A person can have depression due to different factors, could genetic or even life problems.
Depression is a severe illness the makes a person feel insecure, worthless. and daily tasks become difficult. They are different types of depression because According to Medical News Today states “depression is likely to be caused by a complex combination of factors, genetic, environmental, and psychological”. The probability is significant with genetics. At times an individual may become substantially depressed that they believe their life achievements seem futile. Depression is a
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Depression is an undetectable disorder. This condition can make a person feel worthless and their achievements in life futile. Additionally, depression affects an important organ in our brain the is in charge of our memory. The hippocampus regulates the production of cortisol, when high levels are present it can slow down the production on neurons. People that have this horrendous condition, can seek treatment in different ways such as: Psychotherapist and antidepressants. The physician can have several sessions with the patient in order to cure them from their condition and sometimes the physician can prescribe antidepressants. This type of medication is prescribe to help people improve their mood but it can take few weeks before the medication take an
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