Hippolyta Plot

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There are multiple interconnecting story arcs in this play. The exposition of the story is when Hermia is on trial for defying her father's wishes, as well as when Duke Theseus proclaims his love to Hippolyta. The rising action is when the four youths run away from Athens, when the Mechanicals are introduced, and both groups encounter the fairies. The climax is when the four youths quarrel over the love spells, as well as when one of the laborers has his head replaced with that of a donkey by Puck. The falling action is when the major human characters in the woods have their magical predicaments fixed by the fairies (the youths join into two couples, Bottom's head is restored to its normal condition). The denouement is when the Mechanicals put on the play for the Theseus' and Hippolyta's wedding, and all of the conflict is resolved in each plotline.…show more content…
The connecting plotline, concerning the diplomatic marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta, has both of those characters as protagonists. The antagonist is the threat of renewed conflict between the Athenians and Amazons. The protagonists of the arc of the youths are the four youths, while the antagonists are the adult figures who dissaprove of their romance. The protagonists of the arc of the Mechanicals are the laborers who seek to put on a show for the Duke and Queen, while the antagonist is Puck, who is magically interfering with them for his own amusement. The protagonist of the arc of the fairies is King Oberon of the fairies, who seeks to revive the love with his wife, Titania. The antagonist is Puck's misapplication of the love potion, which causes her to fall in love with one of the laborers
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