Hips Feel Good

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“Hips Feel Good: - Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study The basis of this case study revolves around Karen Dunleavy a brand manager tasked with the responsibility of further market share growth with the Dove brand. The major problem that Karen Dunleavy is faced with is further establishing the Dove brand in a highly competitive market in the beauty industry. Furthermore the first steps to resolving this problem was by collaborating with the assistant executive brand manager Michael B Allen. In conjunction of the meeting that took place Allen pointed out that the best course of action to take in retaining new customers was by pursuing a societal marketing campaign. The core element that defines this decision is quoted by Allen is…show more content…
Likewise the stage maturity product life cycle shows that company implemented customer based marketing strategy to develop a wholesome connection between seller and customer via the campaignforrealbeauty.com website. In the decline of the Unilever product life cycle the company is still in the ongoing process of providing high quality product. (Cycle 6-5 pg 90) In light of the new campaign strategy the best alternate course of actions would be for Dove to revert back to the more traditional mode of operation. However navigating towards this familiar path will continue in the advertisement clutter with the competition. This particular course of action also would also dismantle the free press gathered from consumer deeply engaged in the new campaign. Following this particular path would muddle the financial objectives that Dove seeks to achieve. I believe that “The Campaign for Real Beauty” is a highly valuable strategy in not only keeping loyal customer but also gaining new ones. Furthermore the establishment of this campaign not only increases revenue for the company but also shows a seeming validity of social responsibility in the eyes of the public. The positive consequence of repositioning the Dove brand increased the market share in the beauty industry. There are no viable alternatives that is of equal value to what Dunleavy and company has achieved. Source: Peter, J. P., & Donnelly, J. H.,
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