Hiring Older Workers Essay

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1. Older workers are one group who might help companies keep their workforces at full strength; what other groups might contribute to this effort? A typical name of our older generation of workers has been Baby Boomers. Companies have relied on their loyalty and knowledge along with the technological savvy younger workers to help their businesses run smoothly. The younger generations that also makes up the workforce is sometimes called Gen X, Gen Y or Millennials. Each generation brings their own challenges and advantages to the workplace. In doing so they are able to maintain a healthy workplace as they each bring experiences and qualifications . 2. What attitudes and policies inhibit the effectiveness of companies’ strategies for hiring older workers?…show more content…
The way companies phrase the type of worker they are looking to hire can be discouraging, using phrases like fresh thinking and high energy. Older applicants may associate those words with youth. Recruiters may need to be retrained to offer an equal opportunity to all candidates they are interviewing. They may need to spot that an older applicant feels uncomfortable with a behavior interview and they may need to give a functional interview instead. Some studies show that some hiring managers have poor views of older applicants. Managers worry that older applicants may be burned out or unwilling to work for a younger person. They also fear they will be more expensive to employ as they will have to be trained with technology or they may be ill more often. Hiring managers therefore need to be trained in the positive benefits of hiring older workers. 3. Why might older workers be particularly interested in flexible work schedules and
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