Hiring Process For An Organization

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Another challenge and process for an organization and the individual is the hiring process. This process has the intention of HRM to secure the best talent applicant for a position that set forth to offer the most attractive compensation packages and development program for the applicant. The hiring process consists of recruiting: getting the best qualified applicant for the job from a group of applicants; selection: to hire, or not to hire; socialization: orientation, learning about the organization and the area of interest where the individual will be assigned. The challenges involved in the hiring process consist of: poor hiring decisions that can result in a major disaster for the organization and the individual; individual lack of motivation – low productivity, which can be a major cost to an organization; individual giving customer false information about the organization, which could lead customers to take their services elsewhere. Poor hiring can also have an effect on the increase in turnover in the organization, such as, job mismatch, conflict with company vision and values, internal pay equity issues, etc. causing added expenses for replacement. Human Resources Management have several recruiting options available to an organization to avoid some of the poor hiring decisions that can be considered and they are: an organization can use their current employees, referrals are always positive input, prior employees, veterans, faithful customers, advertisements
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