Hiring Process Of New Associates Essay

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Background information
The case centers around the hiring process of new associates, recruited from the top 25 business schools in the US, that would begin work in the following summer. As a result of SG Cowen being a lesser-known firm, there was a focus on building name recognition and continued student interest in their firm. By broadening their recruitment scope beyond the top 10 schools to the top 25 schools, they hoped to bring better talent and more loyalty as they could focus on high performers across many schools, rather than competing for a smaller selection of higher talent among 10 schools. Furthermore, SG Cowen utilized alumni for recruiting efforts at these targeted regardless of their HR or recruiting experience. With these alumni, SG Cowen arranged for presentations at the core schools to let potential applicants know the advantages of working for SG Cowen as well as to give attending students an opportunity to self-select for informational interviews. Interviews were conducted by Associates or senior associates of SG Cowen, testing for culture fit, as well as the necessary skills needed for investment banking. Often there would be at least 24 candidates where eight would be chosen to move to the next round of selection, a.k.a. “Super Saturday”. Super Saturday begins with applicants having dinner with the CEO, Fennebresque, following the next morning with a series of five half-hour interview sessions. Interviews were conducted by 30 bankers (1:1 ratio of

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