Hiring Process - Recruitment & Selection

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Hiring Process: Recruitment The entire hiring process consists of recruitment, selection, induction and follow-up. Recruitment refers to the process of screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm, or for a vacancy in a volunteer-based some components of the recruitment process, mid and large-size organizations and organizations often retain professional recruiters or outsource some of the process to recruitment agencies. External recruitment is the process of attracting and selecting employees from outside the organization. It is a process of stimulating people to apply for vacant positions of an organization. In other word, recruitment is a process of searching for prospective employees. It identifies…show more content…
cation | |Minnesota Multi-phase Personality Inventory |Measures personality or temperament (executives, nuclear | | |power, security) | |California Psychological Inventory |Measures personality or temperament (executives, | | |managers, supervisors) | |Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey |Measures personality or temperament (sales personnel) | |Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking appraisal |Measures logic and reasoning ability (executives, | | |managers, supervisors) | |Owners Creativity Test |Measures creativity and judgment ability (engineers) | |Myers-Briggs Type Indicator |Measures personality components | | | |Knowledge Tests | |(Knowledge tests are more reliable because they | |determine information or
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