Hiring an Employee: Human Resource Management Case Study

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Situation 1 On one hand, gaining an employee who has worked for a major competitor can be a great advantage for an organization. It is helpful that the employee can 'hit the ground running' and will not require substantial training in the field unlike an equally qualified chemist who happens to come from another industry. A great deal can be learned from an employee who has worked for a competitor, in terms of the competitor's approach. However, there may be legal concerns about trade secrets regarding the knowledge base of the employee. Still, I would not hesitate to recommend that the employee become a part of a department devoted to developing shaving cream, given the employee's experience. Training a new employee can take a long period of time, and in the competitive personal care market, having previous direct experience can be invaluable. There will not necessarily be an automatic overlap in terms of knowledge and product development. Situation 2 The lack of a non-disclosure agreement means that the employee is not restricted in terms of the knowledge he can share from his former job from a legal perspective. However, that does not mean that the company can rest easy and feel that it is free of any worries about possible lawsuits in the future. A competitor can still sue for violations of patents that the employee wittingly or unwittingly used over the course of his work for the new company. It should be noted that for a major company like Coca-Cola or
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