Hirohito's Japanese Surrender Essay

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Hirohito and The Japanese Surrender

The world was hectic in the 20th century. The first plane was flown, World War I took place (1914-1918), communists took over Russia and China (1917), penicillin was discovered (1928), the U.S. stock market crashed (1929), and the DNA’s structure was discovered (. However, on the eastern side of the world, the most notable occurrences were probably Hitler’s rise as chancellor and his launching of the Kristallnacht, the German invasion of Poland, Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the Holocaust. Further east, specifically Japan, its 124th Emperor had just inherited his father’s place, right before entering World War II. Throughout Hirohito’s years of leadership, he made several
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When Hirohito was twenty years old, he was the first Japanese Prince to travel to Europe. Years later, as an adult, he became Japan’s 124th Emperor, succeeding his father, Emperor Taisho, who died in 1926. His involvement in Japan’s development during his nineteen years of reign was enormous. He invaded Manchuria, to Japan’s benefit (1931), supported the war against China (1937-1945), and during World War II, formed alliances with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, forming the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis. Emperor Hirohito was a man of kind emotions, of good intentions, and whose interest was always in the benefits of his people. Having agreed to join the terrorizing war, Japan suffered a great deal. Its economy shattered the country’s wealth dropped drastically, its citizens were losing hope and confidence, and its military department was in a tough position and was starting to weaken helplessly. Hirohito decided that the paramount decision he could possibly take was to surrender Japan. He could no longer bear to see his people suffer and fight in the war, and thus showed he cared about them by ending their side of the war. As Hirohito spoke about the war and its effect on his people, he said: “I made efforts to swallow tears and to protect the species of the Japanese nation”. He cared deeply about the pain his people were going through, and made it his foremost priority to end it. When Hirohito began to

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