Hiroshi Sugimoto Research Paper

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When people talk about photography, most of them think just use camera capture any significant moment. However, Hiroshi Sugimoto uses different way to interpret the art of photography. Hiroshi Sugimoto is one of the most famous photographers today. He is a Japanese photographer who was born in Tokyo in 1948. He initially studied politics and sociology at St. Paul’s University in Tokyo, but he enrolled to the Art Center College of Art and Design to studied Fine Art in 1970 in Las Angeles. He has moved to New York since 1974 after he graduated. Hiroshi Sugimoto is a photographer who tries to interpret the fundamental question of the relationship of photography and time from different perspectives. He also perfectly brought eastern philosophy and…show more content…
In this series, Sugimoto captured an entire screening of a film by one single shot. Each photo in this series was the rectangular screen in the center of the theatre and the surrounding architectural details. This was one way to explore the relationship of photograph and time because each rectangular screen was a record of each file from the beginning to the end, it also witnessed history of each theater. When people look through those photos, they could able to listen to the stories from the photos. Seascapes, was another series that begun in 1980, and it was the most famous work that people know when they talk about Hiroshi Sugimoto. Seascapes are a meditation on time examined through repetition and constancy, 220 black and white images of the still ocean, beautiful and transcendentally boring. The idea that Sugimoto took those photograph was to indicate as time moves on, everything in the earth has been changing a lot, but air and water are the two elements that seem never changed. It also implies the beginning of life. However, Seascapes brings out an interesting question is what sea is? As well as what time is? This is a complicate philosophical
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