Hiroshima And Nagasaki And Hiroshima

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"I had the feeling that all the human beings on the face of the earth had been killed off, and only the five of us (his family) were left behind in an uncanny world of the dead" (“Bombing”). This was the account of a little boy in fifth grade who had survived the tragedy of Hiroshima in 1945. Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombings of Japanese cities by the United States during World War II. Of the thousands of people who died, the horrific tellings of what they saw and what happened to them is a blemish on history. Without a doubt, these actions changed the perspective on war, as this was the only time atomic weapons have ever been used. The events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not only altered history, but had a devastating and influential…show more content…
The city had very high security and everything was confidential. No one was allowed to have checks with his or her name or have a bank account. Babies born had nothing but a post office number on their birth certificates, and children were even enrolled in school without last names. All of this secrecy was a request from both the president and General Groves(Claypool 43-45). Once order was restored and security was implanted they could more easily focus on the mission itself. Their goal of creating the first ever atomic bomb was extremely difficult, and it was unknown if it could even be accomplished. This was possibly the most difficult project any of the scientist had ever been a part of and they all knew this would not be a simple feat. When the bomb had been finished and tested, it was up to Truman to decided if and when to use it. Knowing that if he used it the war would be over, but thousands of innocent people would be killed, it was a very difficult decision to make (O’Neal 22-25). Together Truman, a team of scientist, and high ranking military officials decided the best way to go about the bombing of the city. Knowing that the Japanese would have no choice other than to surrender, but that they would not be willing to do so until their last man was killed, it was obvious that the war would last for many more months, possibly years, with thousands more casualties. A warning was given to Japan saying that if they refused to
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