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Civil War
July 24, 2011

Civil War
1787 – Northwest Ordinance * Included provisions that outlawed slavery throughout the territory by congress * Created social and economic tension between the North and the South

Aug 1846 – Wilmot Proviso * Proviso to prevent the introduction of slavery and all African Americans in any territory acquired from Mexico * Considered to be one of the first actions/events to lead to secession and the Civil War

1846 – The Mexican War * When the Mexican War ended, new territories were to be admitted as new states * Fueled conflicts because the Southerners wanted the right to expand slavery to new and different territories

Sep 1850 – Clay Compromise of 1850 * A
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al. 2006). Tensions rose because Mexico refused to accept the boundaries of Texas, and firmly believed that America had invaded their territory. In actuality, Texas had never controlled the disputed region (Davidson, et. al. 2006). Armed with the knowledge that the Mexican government needed money, Polk tried to persuade the Mexicans into selling New Mexico and California. The Mexican public vehemently turned down the offer because of pride and not wanting to give the Yankees anymore territory than what they already had. Eventually tempers flared and the American and Mexican forces fought over the coveted land. The American forces struck hard and repeatedly and eventually wore down the Mexican’s resistance leaving America triumphant. During the same time, Taylor had been slowly pushing his way into the South, where the war was ended on Northern territory (Davidson, et. al. 2006). Once Polk had gained the territory he so badly wanted, he decided he then only wanted peace. But the Mexican people were angry and refused to support any government that sued for peace (Davidson, et. al. 2006). The price of the war did not come only in dollar figures, it also came with a devastating amount of lost lives. Although the American’s had won the battle, the fight was far from over. The war had brought forth the social and political conflicts that already existed between the Northern and Southern States. The issue of slave once
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