His/125 Radical Reconstruction and the Populist Movement

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Week 1 Assignment
Radical Reconstruction
Once I studied the events on the 19th century, the historians and I agree, which based on the occurrence there were not enough radical actions taken during the radical reconstruction. The main intentions of the changes were to recreate the southern general cultural beliefs so it was more like the beliefs of the north. Sadly there was constant fighting and many changes made within the federal government, it would not permit the reconstruction to be become as successful as they (the radicals) had wanted it. Some of the ex-Confederates were afraid if the government implemented the new laws passed, the lives they had before the Civil War would not be the same. Some were afraid with the black slaves
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Second is the all the states would then become under Socialist control, North and South America would eventually come under militia laws, and the government would run all the industries.

Populist Movement
One significant leader of the Populist movement was Daniel Russell of North Carolina, the Populist/Fusion governor who was elected in 1896. The Farmer’s Alliance had been fighting for years to build up large grain stores and land banks to help farmers dig themselves out of debt. These farmers slowly coalesced into the Populist Party and noticed that they had class issues in common with the mostly black Republicans in the state, particularly in the district known as the Black Second. Beginning in the early 1890s, the Republican and Populist parties came together on a fusion ticket to fight for the rights of poor farmers who had been gouged by the white, conservative landowners and the tenant farming system. They aligned their politics on the axis of class instead of the axis of race, and won substantial majorities in the elections of 1894 and 1896. Russell was elected governor and immediately began campaigns that succeeded in extending the franchise, helping poor farmers with their loans and aiding illiterate farmers with illustrated color ballots. Although he was not the most headstrong or powerful governor, perhaps the greatest reason

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