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Most Significant Events Casey Turner HIS/135 11/20/2011 I am writing this paper to reveal and describe different events that have occured over the past 50 years that have had a direct impact on the United States and affected the way we all live today. There are many economical, social, and political events that have helped shaped not only our country, but many other nations around the world as well. This paper is an attempt to reveal and speculate on some of these important events. 1950’s A growing amount of American people began to speak out about inequality and injustice during the 1950’s and the Rosa Parks bus incident is a perfect example. On December 1, 1955, a 42 year old African American woman who worked as a seamstress…show more content…
The United States paid a high cost politically for the Vietnam War. The war weakened many American’s faith in our government, and the public also doubted the honesty and competence of its leaders. Americans were skeptical, if not cynical and held a high degree distrust and suspicion towards authority of any kind. This pretty much described the views of an increasing number of Americans following the Vietnam War (Chambers II, 1999). The humiliating defeat that our nation endured caused Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State at the time to label our nation as “a fourth rate power”. The agonizing defeat caused a widespread loss of pride and self-confidence in people who once thought of the U.S. of being invincible. Reconsideration of our country’s status as a whole after the war diluted the celebration of the America’s Bicentennial birthday in 1976. Another damper that took away from this celebration was the economic woes that our country was faced with, mostly being blamed on the $167 billion that was spent on the war. It was inevitable that President Lyndon B. Johnson’s decision to fight a major war, while juggling his own “Great Society” at the same time without a huge increase in taxes, triggered major inflation
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