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Journal Article Review Revolutionary Black Nationalism: The Black Panther Party takes an in-depth look into the Black Panther Party as a specific example for revolutionary nationalism and analyzes thoroughly the positive contributions they made as well as the negative aspects of the party. Jessica C. Harris, who was obsessed with the history of the party, did research and wrote the paper. This journal (pages from 409-421) is from The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 86, No. 3. (Summer, 2001). The whole paper embodies author’s broad scope, exquisite writing skills and clear logic in analyzing a controversial topic. Black Nationalism is an ideology that aims at liberating the black from oppression and setting up…show more content…
FBI (COINTELPRO) took actions to systematically destroy the party both externally and internally. On one hand, FBI took advantage of the conflict between Black Panther Party and Karenga’s US Organization to let these two clans fight with each other. On the other hand, FBI divided the key leaders by setting them up in a hostile position. Finally, the party met its end in the year of 1974. To discuss the aftermath, we should analyze it in two aspects. Black Panther Party actually contributed to black American society and black rights struggle in several ways; meanwhile, it also made serious errors that cannot be tolerated. People should be alert and have a full understanding on what led to its demise. The author has a broad scope for describing a certain topic and researched thoroughly on it. For example, in order to describe the Black Panther Party, the author first clearly states the original ideology of the party. Then she introduces the background information of key leaders in detail to make a relation to why they would found such a party. After that, she discusses the whole process of development for the party, from the beginning to the end. She did research so well that she even provides information such as how the leaders raised money for weapons (by selling Mao Tse-Tung’s book) and how FBI destroyed the party and so on. These kinds of anecdote-liked facts delight the whole article. First, the facts broaden the
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