His103 Chap 3,4,5 Essay example

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History 103 – Quiz #2 – Chapter 3, 4, 5

Name _Cara Butler_____________ Date ___9/16/2012__________________

Essay Questions – All answers are worth 10 points. Two or three sentences in proper format should be sufficient. Be sure to answer all parts of the question.

1. Where and why did Spain establish colonies in North America, and how did native peoples resist colonization? Spain established colonies in Central America, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico to increase their wealth and power. The native people resisted colonization by trying to fight back.

2. How did the Chesapeake colonies support the aims of British mercantilism? The Chesapeake colonies supported British mercantilism with their tobacco crops and the
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The role it played was as a buffer. Spain settled in California as a last project in North America.

8. How did Louisiana differ from French Canada?

9. What kinds of divisions led to social tensions and conflicts in British North America? Divisions between different countries led to the social tensions. Many of their territories with divided. This later became known as the British North American Act.

10. How did African American culture evolve in the slave community, and what forms did resistance to captivity take? African American culture began to evolve when slaves with actually able to communicate with each other and when the female population went up and it made it possible for them to start families. Then, the combination of their elements of speech, religion and folk ways were developed. Resistance to captivity occurred in songs, key words, and many other creative ways.

Identifications – All answers are worth 5 points. 11. With regards to agriculture, what does the term “monoculture” mean? Monoculture id the cultivation of a single crop (on a farm or area or country).

12. Define the term “celibate”. “Celibate” is a person who abstains from sexual relations.

13. Who was Pope’? John Pope was pope.

14. Give a good working definition of the practice of “mercantilism”. Mercantilism is economic theory that trade generates wealth and is stimulated by the accumulation of profitable balances,

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