Hispanic Coupon Usage : The Impact Of Strong And Weak Ethnic Identification

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ARTICLE ONE: HISPANIC COUPON USAGE: THE IMPACT OF STRONG AND WEAK ETHNIC IDENTIFICATION The marketing strategy, mass marketing, has come to an era where improvement is paramount due to the influx of different cultures in the United States. Particularly, the Hispanic culture has developed a significant amount of influence to where it has been as profitable to better understand and target this group of consumers. Estimated at over 22 million, comprising over 8 percent of the total, and growing at six times the rest of the U.S. population, Hispanics spent over $171 billion on goods and services in 1990 (Cherian, p. 501-2). Due to the variations in the Hispanic culture, this study examines the differences in the response of Weak and Strong Hispanic, in reference to ethnic identification, to coupon usage and brand loyalty.

Research Question The major hypothesis driving this study therefore states that, when the strength of ethnic identification is high, the ethnic consumer will respond to marketing the way there parents’ culture does (Cherian, p. 501). The problem with this statement is that it assumes that all Hispanics in the culture currently agree or plan to stick with the culture. This statement does not consider that other Hispanic population. And for a long period of time, mass marketing was thinking in terms to the cumulative mind set. This study wants to examine what is the difference between the Hispanics who would like to stand with their traditions and long…

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