Hispanic-Oriented Casinos

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Hispanic-oriented casinos: A gamble that has paid off For many years, Nevada casinos did not make much of an effort to attract the Hispanic demographic, despite the relatively large Hispanic population in the Southwest. There was a clear, underlying assumption that this demographic had little interest in casino gambling, at least not the high-stakes gambling conducted at typical Las Vegas casinos, where it is not unusual for patrons to gamble more than $1,000 in an evening, as well as see expensive 'lounge acts.' Clearly, such assumptions were erroneous given that casinos specifically catering to the Hispanic market are now flourishing in Nevada. Furthermore, because the Hispanic demographic has been so long neglected, even Hispanic leaders are not complaining that their communities are being preyed upon. These new campaigns are seen as a sign of strength of Latino buying power. The efforts to make Hispanics feel more welcome are designed to show that the casinos are sensitive to this demographic group's real needs and wants. New amenities include bilingual dealers and Spanish-speaking musicians. This shows the clear principle of segmentation. Instead of trying to appeal to all customers in a universal fashion and compete with the biggest-name casinos (a virtual impossibility in Las Vegas), these smaller casinos are trying to attract and grow this specific, targeted population base. The Hispanic demographic seems to have an interest in gambling and entertainment, and has

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