Hispanic Population Is Increasing At Rapid Rates

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The Hispanic population is increasing at rapid rates, thus providing many opportunities to improve the economy and local hispanic communities. However, with the sufficient low rate of hispanic graduates from college our economy are being damaged and hispanic communities are being denied the proper evolution to get out of poverty. Our hispanic youth need to start taking more action into getting a higher education, to help our economy and communities evolve and better themselves. Being a young hispanic, I’ve seen both sides of the rich and poor. Those who mainly live in poverty are those whom don’t have a high education with them. This matters to me because I 've heard and witnessed of all sorrow and suffering poverty brings. Also, it hurts to see we have got such a powerful way of making actual change but we get held back because people think education is too hard, expensive, and a waste of time. If more of our hispanic youth had a higher graduation rate from college then our economy and local hispanic communities would be improved.
Although it is true that any ethnic group could improve our economy. I appoint my attention more towards our Hispanic community mainly due to the fact that the Hispanic community is the fastest growing population as of current. On September 18, 2015, published by New American Economy, an article, “Four Ways the Hispanic Markets Makes an Impact on the Economy” written by Rene Almazan explains how big our hispanic populations’ influence on our

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