Essay on Hispanic and Latino Spirituality

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Hispanic and Latino Spirituality Crystal Davila ENG 301 American Ethnic Literature University of Phoenix Julie Kares October 22, 2012 Hispanic and Latino Spirituality Throughout our life’s each day we communicate with each other through the exchange of information. Our verbal and nonverbal communication skills are used to process this information. Speaking, listening, and body language are our ability to understand the meaning of communication that we develop throughout our lives. This brings me to understand why we develop new things every day and learn the reasons for different things. However, in the Hispanic/Latino literature they express spirituality, magic, and myth play as an important role in their literature. For…show more content…
However, as Americans we are able to turn to what we have learned growing up. Once we are born our family, siblings, and our own culture influence us. We are bought up with certain beliefs and traditions. However, I do think that culture does influences how people are permitted to be expressed and how they are perceived. As for social experience people react to different experience in different ways. If someone has been in a certain situation I believe they learn from that experience. This brings me to the certain unfairness, stereotypes, and myths about Hispanic/Latino culture. While growing up we experience some of these types of situations. When we think about a Hispanic/Latino person we think about tamales, tacos, rice and beans which is a stereotype. However, Susie Jans-Thomas wrote Beyond Tamales, Tacos, and Our Southern Neighbors: Exploring Latino Culture in Child and Young Adult Literature to show that there is more to them then just those expressions. I believe we have all experienced or witnessed racism, power abuse, and felt lost in one point of our lives. This just shows that we need to try to work harder and together more. Therefore, I do believe I am a better person today because I came from such a loving family. This is something that families are missing throughout the world and that is love, religion, and quality time with loved ones. To me this is why the world is becoming the way it is because there are so many people who do not care or
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