Essay on Hispanics: English, Barriers, and Challenges

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How are Hispanics getting help with English and what obstacles or barriers are they facing? That is an extremely good question. Everyday, more and more Hispanics are making a move to the United States in hopes of a better life. The only problem is that many of them can not speak any English at all. Since the United States is basically an English speaking nation, it is important that Hispanics learn English to be able to adjust to life within the United States. But, that is easier said than done because it is not easy to get Hispanics the help that they need in learning English. There have to be people who are willing to tutor and fund programs. Of course, there are always obstacles or barriers that stands in the way of progress. …show more content…
That is a positive effect really, despite what others may think. (Ortiz,P. 151)

When it comes to literacy, you have to first keep in mind where the Hispanic person is born. Birthplace is a major factor. When a student is born outside of the U.S., they have more Spanish skills than English unlike someone who was born in the U.S. They speak Spanish in their homes, but they also learn a lot of English everyday also while living in the United States. Of course someone who was born in the U.S. will have higher English literacy as opposed to someone who wasn't. The Hispanics who are immigrants are at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to socio-economics and education. Together, socio-economics background and education are closely related to literacy just as much as it is to bilingual. Hispanics have to coordinate work with learning English, while also being able to be there for their children.(Ortiz, 150)

A questionnaire was given to a group of Hispanics born outside of the United States that contained four sections: background, simple skills like signing your name, literacy stimulation skills like reading, and finally oral. (Ortiz,P.152) When it came to the results, Hispanics born in the United States had a little higher level of literacy of 284.0 as compared to foreign-born Hispanics who had a 240.4. But when it came to English proficiency, native-born Hispanics and Foreign-born Hispanics were neck and neck at 3.6 on a scale from 1 to 5.(Ortiz,