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HIST101 American History to 1877 A Man of Honor George Washington was the first president of the United States and is known as “the Father of Our Country. He was a man with much conviction, humility, and integrity. George Washington trusted in God, was willing to sacrifice much, and he was selfless. All of these qualities were important to his success as a military leader and as the leader of the nation. It is apparent by how revered Washington is today that he was a man of honor. George Washington begin life in Virginia in 1732. He was the son of Augustine and Mary Ball Washington. The tale of him cutting down the cherry tree, is just a tale created by author Mason Locke Weems. Weems wanted Washington's life to appear…show more content…
He divided the land into five separate farms. An overseer was appointed over each section which was a more efficient way for Washington to control his lands. As a landowner he felt the sting from the British taxes. The landowners were forced to pay high taxes to offset the debt from the French and Indian War. A war that was not only fought in America, but also in Europe. While living as a civilian at Mount Vernon, Washington served in the House of Burgesses. This was the first representation of government in America. Washington's reputation had preceded him. He was well-known for the duties that he carried out during the war. While a representative in Virginia's House of Burgesses he pressed Britain for fair treatment of the colonies. George Washington was an imposing figure at just over six feet tall. His stature commanded respect. Due to his serious demeanor, he rarely laughed unless caught off guard. He had to learn to control his anger. He would often let his frustration show on paper when writing to his friends, but kept his composure in public. He was elected as a delegate to the First Continental Congress and the Second Continental Congress. The First Continental Congress did not seek independence, instead it convened to protest the Intolerable Acts. Congress swore to cut off trade with Britain unless the Acts were revoked. The Intolerable Acts were laws that
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