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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Gun Control Abstract The issue of gun control laws has raised debates on whether gun control is good or bad. To answer this question, it is important to look at evidence supporting a certain stand. This manuscript seeks to investigate the issue of gun control. Specifically, the article endeavors to present pro-gun control arguments as well as the opposing views. In Support of Gun Control According to polls conducted soon after the shooting in Newtown, the support for gun control rose steadily. The same trend was evidenced after the shooting in Navy Yard in Washington according to a survey. Both of these studies reveal that support for stricter laws has risen since these shootings. Gun control should be…show more content…
This view is true for the 26 developed nations analyzed as well as state-to-state level. Opponents of this view argue that this does not imply that someone cannot get shot in a state like Massachusetts. Despite the strict gun laws in this state, injuries and crimes related to firearms has been on the rise (Swanson 1). Opponents feel that gun control does not do much to regulate firearm related deaths and injuries. They argue that anyone can get shot anywhere; hence, this claim does not hold true. However, statistically speaking, this supporters’ trend holds true. When access to guns is controlled, the rate of homicides is likely to go down. Gun control saves lives and reduces suicide rates. Studies have revealed that suicide is something that individuals do in the spur of the moment. It is not a rational decision since people can contemplate suicide because of the current situation. In such moments, lack of a firearm could act as the difference between existence and death. A report in the Boston Globe indicated that states whose population has access to guns record higher suicide rates. The report continued to indicate that people who commit suicide are 17 times more likely to own guns. Those opposed to this claim argue that there are very many methods of committing suicide; hence, gun control cannot prevent a willing soul. Someone who wants to commit suicide may be overcome by the will that they can use anything
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