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HIST 415 Week 1 Topic 1 Visiting Historians in Far Away Lands Introduction Why is history important? It is both necessary and helpful to the study the context of prior history because it reveals who we are in relation to other people, cultures, and countries. History influences the way people can process information viewed from other races, and cultures, and even speak, “The old saying is, if we don’t know where we came from then we don’t know where we are going.” By studying history we can take what others’ have done and build on it. There were many situations and events in history that led to wars, freedom of religion, civil unrest, unfair trade, terrorism, and independence. By examining experiences, troubles, and triumphs of…show more content…
According to Moss (2009) Ho Chi Minh led the Vietnamese Minh Independence movement from 1941 onward, establishing the communist governed Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945 and defeating the French Union in 1954. Minh was thought to be a highly visible figurehead and inspiration for Vietnamese fighting to the death for his cause, a United Vietnam, until his death. The people of Vietnam recognized his cause then determination to fighting for independence that the people remained the capital of South Vietnam in his honor as Ho Chi Minh City. Memory plays an important role in how history is interpreted. People remember from growing up as a child, than becoming an adult is what shapes them into who they have become. Many people can relate to history when considerations where they live and the freedoms they have. Listening to grandparents talk about war periods, recession, automobiles, television, radio shows, etc., allows one to imagine a time when they weren’t around. People can easily relate to those whom they love and respect. Conclusion Finally, through history we can do things correctly. We might have done much better than before because we already know its history. And besides, everything that is happening today is the product of history. It helps us become more efficient in decision making, one starts to inquire and be interested in things that may greatly affect lives in the present and

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