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Purpose: What is the purpose of this exercise? The purpose of this exercise is to become more familiar with microscope and slides through observations of tissues. By looking at so many slides I am now much more comfortable at identifying some basic structures. The tissue slides were very important to my understanding of the tissue's function. By looking at the dense regular tendon I can see how supportive it is because of all of the fibers present. It connected what I had read and studied to an actual picture and that helps with memorization and understanding.

Are there any safety concerns associated with this exercise? If so, list what they are and what precautions should be taken. There are no safety concerns with
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Simple Squamous
2. Simple Columnar
3. Pseudostratified Columnar
4. Transitional Exercise 2: Connective Tissue Data Table 2 - Connective Tissue

Tissue Amount and Shape of Cells
Amount of Matrix Are there fibers? If so, are they parallel or scattered?
Mesenchyme (online) many cells, stellate shape little matrix yes there are fibers and they appear scattered
Aerolar (online) many cells and appear oval some matrix yes fibers are loose and scattered
Adipose (online) lots of cells and polygonal in shape little matrix some connective tissue, can't see fibers, can't see parallel or scattered
Dense Irregular (online) some cells that appear oval lots of matrix yes fibers look bundled but scattered
Reticular many cells can't see shape on slide but in book look spheroidal lots of matrix yes fibers look loose and scattered
Dense Regular: Tendon some cells that appear fusiform lots of matrix yes they appear parallel
Hyaline Cartilage many cells, can't tell shape, look like blobs lots of matrix can't see fibers on my slide but in book they're there and parallel
Elastic Cartilage lots of cells that look oval and round some matrix can't see the fibers on my slide but online pic they look scattered
Fibrocartilage some cells that appear oval lots of matrix yes fibers look parallel
Compact Bone some cells that appear oval lots of matrix yes and the fibers appear parallel
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