Historian Career Research Paper

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A career I plan on pursuing is being an historian, it’s a person who researches, studies, and writes about the past, and its changes on life. Historians are concerned with the continuous, ending, and research of past events as relating to the human race; as well as the study of all history in time. Growing up as a kid I was always infatuated with the origination of things and there history. Skimming through the television one day I ran across this TV series called The Men Who Built America. After a few seconds I immediately gained interest in being a historian/ philanthropist. One name that I took heed to, Andrew Carnegie, because he started off poor such as myself. By the time he died he gave away an equivalent of a couple billion in todays’ money. I want to pursue this career because I want to…show more content…
For example if it wasn’t no Carnegie, it would be no Carnegie Steel Company, or todays US Steel. Without John D Rockefeller, or Henry Ford, the oil business wouldn’t be as productive or there would be no Ford car manufacturer today. A degree isn’t required to be a historian, just effort and drive, but to be accredited for your work it’s good to be certified with the proper certifications. Even-though the history of the wealthiest are interesting to me, I’m mostly inspired by Black History. During the early 1950s’ the United States were very segregated, a group of people, called the NAACP fought to establish justice. Martin Luther King Jr, social activist and minister, influence me to motivate others to join together instead of dividing. A voice of people is most likely to get heard than one person. The history of my own kind is essential to me, because it gives me an outlook on earlier civilization and black communities during the time of cruelty. Based on my observations I have acquired knowledge about the past so therefore I’ll make changes in the
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