Historians Study the Past to Learn the Mistakes of the Future

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The components of the past and future –their causes, their inspiration, and their successes– are all essential in the foundations that have been shaped by contemporary society. Both tasks strive for the pursuit of understanding which then leads to the search for perfection. Understanding is a very vague term used for things to demonstrate the ability to perceive the idea. In addition, understanding is being able to reiterate keen insights and judgments and comprehending the significance and purpose of a topic. In contrast, perfection refers to developing a method that is not only accessible but also altruistic to the society. Furthermore, perfection allows for a specialization in a certain task that not only demands intelligence but also…show more content…
His sense of reasoning was significant in the war plans because he objectively reviewed mistakes of the past wars and interpreted a new methodical way to achieve the same success of the future. The ability to reason allow Bismarck to look past the subjective view of arbitrarily developing a war plan based on the conditions of the future. If Bismarck had utilized a subjective perspective, Germany would not have been able to reproduce the success over neighboring countries. The moral of the story is that analyzing the events of the past leads insight that will affect the perception of the future. In truth, the task of a historian is similar to the actions of Bismarck, closely examining previous successes to understand the significance and how the human nature allowed for the success of Germany after its reunification. In the discussion of the scientist’s role, it is not solely based on the outcome of the future. In order to change the future, scientists must understand the practices of the present. The interesting thing is the field of science is limitless. For the purpose of the scientist’s role to create a better future, natural and human sciences are seen as convincing. In natural science, scientists strive to look for clues and gain insight on the world. From physicists to biologists, they all have the essential role to discover why nature and things interact the way they are. It is basically discovering the tangible and intangible objects in
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