Historic Life Of Indigenous People And Europeans

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Historic Life of Indigenous People and Europeans Europeans were the first to travel to the New World, where they came to discover a diversity of Native American People living there. These indigenous people had unique languages and beliefs. Europeans observed the distinct people and began to wonder how they migrated to this New World. It was not until Hernan Cortes arrival in Mexico that new empires began to immerge onto this new society. The first main Mesoamerican civilizations were the Olmecs. They were first heard of residing in the Southern regions of Mexico in which they lived in unique organized villages. These villages were effective in their crops which included corn, beans, chile peppers and cotton. The villages were effective in a way that everyone had an important role in helping each other out to survive. Two significant cities during the Olmec history were the establishment of San Lorenzo and La Venta. These cities were political, economic and religious centers. Olmecs had a distinct lifestyle, such as their earliest inventions such as the Mesoamerican ball game and tortillas. The Aztecs and Mayan civilizations groups shared Olmec backgrounds. Mayans possessed kingdoms that had authority over the majority of populations. They were talented in inventing pottery and calendars. According to Susan Schroeder, “...Most Mesoamericans had worked out for themselves a nearly exact calendar system with a 52-year count based on astronomical observations and mathematical
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