Historic Spanish Point Archaeological Site Essay

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Located on Little Sarasota Bay in Osprey Florida on a thirty acre land, Historic Spanish Point is a museum and an environmental complex operated by the Gulf Coast Heritage Association. The museum includes an archeological exhibit of pre historic shell mound as a midden, a chapel, boatyard, nature trails, a citrus packing house and a turn-of-the-century pioneer homestead historic house museum (Burnett, 1986). The Historic Spanish Point is the earliest Archaeological site to be listed in the national Register of Historic places and offers excellent leisurely walking tours to numerous visitors who regularly tour this site all year round.
There exists an archaeological record that encompasses about 5,000 years of Florida prehistory.
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Most of the pioneer settlers were attracted to settle in the area by the climate and the bounty of Sarasota Bay. Archaeological excavations and exterminations of archaic data place the Historic Spanish Point’s Hill Cottage Midden in the archaic formative period (Walter, 2010). Midden refers to a dump for domestic waste. Archaeologists worldwide describe all kinds of features containing waste products relating to day-to-day human life as middens. A variety of archaeological materials are contained in midden deposits including botanical material, potsherds, shell, animal bone, left over pieces from making stone flack point and all other artifacts with historic human occupation. The Archaic Midden, which is the oldest midden dates back as far as 3000 BC. This midden consists of different layers of ancient artifacts like potter and shell tools. Shell Ridge Midden is the particular site that the Webb family constructed their house. It was originally used as a platform for the residence of the chief and ancient inhabitant’s temple construction site.
The prehistoric people had an average age between 25-50 years and were relatively healthy given the fact that different varieties of food were available to them. These people who were probably Paleo-Indian were present in this region at around 8,000 B.C. It is also evident that native American lived mostly along the waterfront of Sarasota while others are believed to
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