Historic Treaties And Its Effects On The Peoples Of This Land Essay

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INSERT SOMETHING ABOUT SOCIOLOGY PAPER. Historic treaties continue to be relevant in Canada today because ever since Christopher Columbus arrived to an undiscovered continent, he managed to employ detrimental consequences to the peoples of this land. The treaty was one of the colonial processes that would allow for the exploitation of the First Nations. Many Aboriginal Signatories to treaties understood the treaty agreements as being the foundation of a relationship with the Crown and that this relationship would be based on co-existence versus the crown, creating them as a surrendering of the land with only small reserve retained, and limited hunting in those territories. These treaties are important today because they try to go about who has land-claim to a certain area and they show that some treaties were compiled by the British with the poorer intentions of the Aboriginals. However, the documents and treaties that the British drafted and passed, would create a paper-trail of vast amounts of exploitation. Treaties show prevalence today because they can demonstrate how convoluted the history of Canada’s relationships with the Aboriginal peoples is. One factor that makes this history perplexing is trying to fathom who has claim to the lands that people stand on. Moreover, when the government was willing to substantiate what scheme they wanted to employ in order to solve the issue of cohabitation of the aboriginal peoples. Historically, in the fur trader era, it was
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