Historical Accuracy Of Henry Iv Plays By Shakespeare

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Name Instructor Course Date Historical Accuracy in Henry IV Plays by Shakespeare Research shows that Shakespeare’s historical plays do not offer good sources for accurate rendering of historical events. The details of place of issues such as place, time, and personality are all subject to a great deal of artistic license just as most of modern Hollywood movies about the past. However, to some extent, Shakespeare did research his materials. Close analysis of his famous works and plays indicate that Henry IV draws upon a surprising range of disparate sources[CITATION Jam991 p 4 l 1033 ]. One of the most obvious sources for Henry IV plays is Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland by Raphael Holinshed, the 1587 edition. Holinshed style of history focuses on personalities and motivations of important historical figures as well as much detail regarding Henry’s IV tussle with Percy. Another important source used by Shakespeare in historical plays was The Civil Wars between the Two Houses of Lancaster and York by Samuel Daniel. The poems written by Daniel differ greatly from that of Holinshed particularly on the emphasis on the Princes of Wales and the rivalry he had with Hotspur. Shakespeare followed and used Daniel in portraying Hotspur as a much younger person at the period of rebellion though history shows that he was older than King Henry IV was. Both Daniel and Shakespeare use the battle of Shrewsbury as an occasion for the prince to prove his valor as well martial

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