Historical And Constituent Emotional State Of A Social System

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Throughout history, subjective laws have contended how individuals relate to each-other through the concept of race. Similarly, ever since its emergence in the early twentieth century, television has also been used to manifest such cultural and societal values. In return, Hollywood 's dependence on “whitewashing” roles as a cross-racial/ethnic representation withholds the power to extraordinarily change viewer’s depiction of minority groups. Consequently, what follows is the important and constituent emotional state of individuals when facing questions of white privilege, power, and diversity in the media.
The universal notion that outward appearance is a vital quality when defining both our own and other’s ethnicity is what greatly shapes the categories in which people are placed in. In this way, the silences and denials that surround white privilege is key in the maintenance of a social system that is embedded with layers of vast and unseen dimensions. The establishment of race is fixed upon individuals predominantly through the color of one’s skin as a means of distinguishing groups within a society that finds comfort in labels. In return, placing such limiting margins on individuals’ strip colored people of any chance to designate for oneself which ethnicity one would choose to identify with. Yet, “what does it mean to talk about ethnicity as an option for individuals?” (Waters, Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only?). Majorly, it is only times when whites take on
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