Historical And Cultural Values Of Heritage

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The second reason why the sense of nostalgia is not necessary in heritage industry is that economic pressure in the museum can affect the authenticity of the past in the museum. With the development of industrial heritage nowadays, heritage industry has been an essential aspect of the economic foundation in some countries. An increasing number of precious historical places are repaired and protected, which because not only the historical and cultural values of heritage are meaningful, but also because visiting heritage can raise people’s awareness to recognize the value of historical places and preserve them. In order to attract more visitors, heritages are often promoted as tourist attractions. Actually, at the same time, heritage becomes an economic enterprise. Sandie Dawe, the chief executive of VisitBritain, in the article named Valuing Heritage Tourism maintained that heritage economy in Britain is full of vigor and vitality. Now, Heritage tourism is the fifth biggest industry in the UK, which benefits local regional and national economies. The report called Investing in Success: Heritage and the UK Tourism Economy from Heritage Lottery Fund also noted that heritage tourism offers up 20.6 billion pound a year for the UK GDP. It provides a whole of 466.000 jobs. In other words, heritage plays an important role on British economic development as an economic asset. As an economic enterprise, industrial heritage may pay more attention to the need and interest of…
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