Historical And Cultural Values Of Heritage

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The second reason why the sense of nostalgia is not necessary in heritage industry is that economic pressure in the museum can affect the authenticity of the past in the museum. With the development of industrial heritage nowadays, heritage industry has been an essential aspect of the economic foundation in some countries. An increasing number of precious historical places are repaired and protected, which because not only the historical and cultural values of heritage are meaningful, but also because visiting heritage can raise people’s awareness to recognize the value of historical places and preserve them. In order to attract more visitors, heritages are often promoted as tourist attractions. Actually, at the same time, heritage…show more content…
The objectivity and authenticity of history about industrial heritage might be affected negatively. In short, according to analyze the interpretation in National Coal Mining Museum for England in Britain, it seems that a view of nostalgia is the theme of interpretation in the industrial heritage, even in the whole society. The objects and buildings of coal industry has become industrial heritage of coal in Britain. These are three main requirements for nostalgia. Firstly, the sense of nostalgia is easier to appear in Western Countries because of their linear and secular sense of time. Secondly, the glorious history such as in Industrial Revolution, Victorian Britain and the development of deindustrialization cause the social and economic difference between the past and present, which gives rise to a feeling of discontent and disappointment for the present generation. Last but not least, the industrial heritage and the collections from the past are available. These three conditions can bring about the sense of nostalgia in the museum. However, it cannot be deny is that nostalgia often influences the authenticity and objectivity of history. First, in terms of individuals, the sense of nostalgia might be partial recalled for the elders because they concentrate on the objects and interpretation what they have experiences or they are interested in. For young generation, since the history they remember is narrative by their parents,
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