Historical And Dialectical Materialist Approaches

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This final paper discusses prompt number three. These questions consist of methods of social analysis in the Marxist tradition, how Marxist thinkers after Marx envision the practice of properly analyzing societies and their conceptions of historical and/or dialectical materialism having to do with their visions of the social sciences and humanities. Also, it talks about how their differences of varieties of Marxist materialism make up a given society. Lastly, this paper discusses how historical and dialectical materialist approaches are argued for and justified through the authors and what criticisms they have towards methods in social and human sciences. Writers of focus in this paper besides Marx are Georg Lukacs, the German philosopher and Antonio Gramsci, the Italian neo-Marxist. These writers have different opinions of Marxism and different opinions in social sciences and humanities, but they also have some similarities. Their views will be discussed regarding the questions set forth in prompt three throughout the following paragraphs. First, the discussion topic of methods of social analysis in the Marxist traditions must be talked about.
Marx’s main social analysis dealt with class struggle. Marx 's class struggle argument states the the premise that, “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” (Marx, Ch. 1). According to this view, ever since human society emerged from its primitive and relatively undifferentiated state it has
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