Historical Background Of Mental Health Counseling

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The counseling field is ever growing with many employment opportunities, but yet it is very competitive. Mental health counseling is one of the specializations in the counseling field. The American Mental Health Counselors Association stated that mental health counselors are “highly-skilled professionals who provide flexible, consumer-oriented therapy”(2016). Mental health counselors offer a wide range of services, such as: “assessment and diagnosis, psychotherapy, treatment planning and utilization review, brief and solution-focused therapy, alcoholism and substance abuse treatment, psychoeducational and prevention programs and crisis Management”(American Mental Health Counselors Association, 2016). This paper will discuss the historical background of mental health counseling, mental health counseling services available for adolescents, ethical requirements of the American Counseling Association and legal requirements in the state of South Carolina and the different professional organizations.
Historical Background
The population that has my interest is adolescents. Many adults tend to believe that children do not encounter stressful situations or deal with mental illness. In reality, everyone deals with a different amount of stress and or mental illness. For instance, an adult may encounter stress from their workload at the job, just how adolescents can experience stress from their school work. I would love to work with adolescents to give them an opportunity to have
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