Historical Concepts : Social Justice

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Historical Concepts: Social Justice I decided to do option #1, on the critical thinking exercise. The question that was asked was, what I see as the concepts of social justice and criminal justice as being in harmony and/or in conflict. I see racial inequality being a major problem with the criminal justice system. Being African American or any minority in today’s world, is not in your favor. The reason I state this, is there is a lot of raciest in the justice system. There is crimes being committed by individuals exactly the same, but if an African American or minority commits the crime, it will be a longer, and harsher punishment. So why does this happen you might ask yourself? Well as stated in an article I found it states, “one of the most common scholarly explanations for persistent racial inequities in crime, punishment, and criminal justice is that they represent a continuation of the long history of exclusionary practices in the United States beginning with slavery; continuing through the Jim Crow South, white flight, and race riots in northern ghettos; and culminating most recently in the prison state” (Miller, 2010). The reason that I believe that most minorities are treated different is because, most minorities live in poverty. For example look at some of the recent cases in history on a minority that has wealth. A great example is O.J. Simpson. This individual is African American, but isn’t living in poverty, and in my opinion got away with murder. However
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