Historical Consequences Of The French Revolution And The Haitian Revolution

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All through the historical backdrop of the Atlantic World, revolution was a typical approach to achieve reforms in government and society. With various revolutions, including the American and Haitian Revolution, the French Revolution was a political and social upheaval in France that endure from 1789 until 1815. The French Revolution brought about long-lasting consequences for France because of the new Enlightenment thoughts that denoted a move from the Ancien Regime (old empire). These Enlightenment ideas were common through the span of numerous Atlantic upheavals, most like the Haitian Revolution, as the events that occurred during the French Revolution compare to the events that took place during the Haitian Revolution in similar, but different aspects. This raises the inquiry; What were the circumstances and end results of the French Revolution and what does the French and Haitian Revolution uncover about upheavals all through history? The French Revolution was driven for the most part by conflicts and issues inside French society as opposed to managing outside forces, similar to the American Revolution. These issues were caused by financial crisis, social disparity, and the impact the American Revolution had on France. Because of French mediation all through the American Revolution against the British, poor harvests, and imprudent spending of the French government, France started to run low on funds and introduced heavy taxes that would be utilized to pay debts from
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