Historical Context And Significance Of The Sale And Ownership Of Human Beings

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The tremendous context and significance of the sale and ownership of human beings far exceeds what the majority of Americans hold to be true. Consequently, the rightful historical context differs greatly from modern portrayals. When slavery is brought up, an individual may likely conjure up images of enslaved Africans by white Americans, enslaved Africans by Southern white Americans, enslaved Africans by Europeans, or at best, Africans enslavement in the Western hemisphere. Problematic to this selectively narrow understanding of history is what is removed. An individual or group who proposes war is unique to a certain nationality would be either ignorant or hold malicious intent. Similarly, natural disasters do not discriminate on gender, famine does not only apply to a single skin color, nor does infectious diseases belong solely to a single time. All of these miserable hardships have existed across all of humanity, on all lands, for all of time. Slavery included. Ignoring this indisputable truth is not only dangerous, it is evil. To wilfully ignore history and assign slavery to a single race over a few centuries disregards the larger, even greater suffering of slavery 's victims over thousands of years.
How could such gross distortions be allowed and universally accepted? Of note, the same group who see America 's responsibility in the world as overly exaggerated are the first to assign responsibility to that same America for all the evils in the world. Equally confusing…
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