Historical Conversation Project Analysis

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The first moment, when Professor Tae Sung assigned us the Historical Conversations Project assignment, I literally had no doubt on myself that this project would be no less than a nightmare for me. At first, when I read the whole assignment, I was so confused and I was literally getting so anxious because when I read it for the first time I had no idea what exactly it was asking for us to answer in the paper, as I had so many different questions in my mind. At first, I thought I won’t be able to do this project, I would have to go through many challenges to finish this project from what I was able to perceive from my own response. The reason I had doubted myself was because when I tried to start the research on the current problem, I was barely …show more content…

Another main reason, I had difficulty writing this research paper is because earlier in my high school and college years, I had never done a research and argument paper that would help me learn some unique techniques that I could have used in this paper. After I have found a topic, I had to face another challenge was that I could not find a lot of information on the effect on “youth” of Marijuana Legalization, which also led me to change the topic at the end. I had some basic ideas what the current problem was in the world, but my main issues was to look for them and find a location where it has occurs. To do research on it, I started looking for some different news websites where I thought I might be able to find at least some kind of clues that would help me with my essay. However, this technique actually worked out very well where I was finally able to find the location on my topic where the problem has occurred and not have been solved by anyone. A main issues was I just need to find a right key word to do research on my topic and to find additional information on …show more content…

As we can see in this reflection there are a lot of ideas that seems very general, as it does not seem to be specific which would help me make a stronger argument; in addition, there were barely any statistics that were included in this reflection as I was not able to find much about it. This reflection shows how I have a lack of knowledge on this topic which tells me that I needed to do more research on my topic to make a good argument in my paper. Moreover, after doing some basic research, I also read an article about how Marijuana legalization is affecting high school students and how are some teachers reacting to students using Marijuana in public, where I also took some extra notes on what are some of the reasons why is affecting them and what was the main purpose that they have legalized it at first place etc. Finding good articles on high school students and the teacher's reaction to the Marijuana legalization was a very strong support for my paper as it helped me a lot to make my point stronger that I was

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