Historical Cultural Context On The City Of Corinth

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1 Corinthians 1:18-25, in many ways offers a measuring stick for what true wisdom and power is, according to Scripture. While the believers in Corinth are looking for, and claiming to have, true wisdom and power, Paul addresses the issue and makes it clear that true wisdom and power are found in Christ and in the message of the cross. In no uncertain terms, Paul states that the wisdom of the world is lacking and is unable to save “those who are perishing.” But, the so-called foolishness of God has the power to save those who believe, and is found only in the cross of Jesus Christ. While Jews and Greeks alike are searching for that which saves, Paul makes it clear that salvation is not found in the wisdom and power of men, but instead in Christ crucified.

HISTORICAL-CULTURAL CONTEXT The city of Corinth was located in southern Greece in a highly advantageous position in terms of travel and trade. The Peloponnesus, the lower part of Greece, is connected to the upper part by a small isthmus, and it was on this isthmus where Corinth was located. This location meant that all travelers and goods going from the north to the south, or vice versa, would have to travel through, or at least near, Corinth. In addition to the north-south land travel, travel by sea was often routed over the isthmus due to the dangers and distance of traveling around the Peloponnesus. All of this resulted in Corinth becoming a primary trade city for the entire Mediterranean…
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