Historical Development Involving Education

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This literature review showcases historical development involving education in the United States pertaining to the Jeffersonian concept of the empowerment of the individual in a democratic society. Individuals have played a major role in America that have impacted education, school districts, states, and the nation by encompassing the individual’s rights. This literature review summarizes history and concludes with implications for teaching and further research.
Keywords: Thomas Jefferson, American schools, empowerment, individual, society, education.

American education and Schools

American schools historically revolved around European traditions and philosophies on education. Once education became important the views and philosophies changed creating a more unique American education. The Jeffersonian concept of empowering the individual in a democratic society then became a focal point. Empowering students in meaningful ways to help determine curricular content and assignments help to establish democratic learning communities (Carpenter, 2013, p. 3). Although the American view of who fits in the realm of society has changed as many have had to fight for their rights for a free and equal education. The educational focus of American schools today continues to be based on the concept of empowerment of the individual as Thomas Jefferson intended. He favored improved teaching methods that would be effective in producing one of the key purposes of schooling—an educated and…
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