Historical Development Nursing Timeline

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline Christopher Vinson NUR/513 January 1, 2015 Historical Development of Nursing The historical development of nursing today is based upon the lives of many, their contributions, sacrifices and experiences. These things brought about renovations in patient care. Different ways of thinking led to research, theories and evidenced based practice. The importance of studying nursing history has led to overall progression of nursing as a profession. In order to fully study the historical development of nursing we need to study all aspects of nursing science throughout time, explain the relationships between nursing science and our profession, as well as influences of other disciplines on the…show more content…
Orlando’s theory includes: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluating (“Nurse Theory,” 2013). In 1951 the following occurred: American Nurses Association was formed, male nurses are recognized as registered nurses for the first time, vocational nursing standards were set, and in 1952 Paplau presented the Interpersonal Relations Theory. It focuses on building patient trust, being a resource, teaching, counseling, advocating, leadership, and professionals to optimize best patient care with resources/equipment available (“Nursing Theory”, 2013). Other theorists from the 1900’s, specifically between 1960-1980 were Weidenbach’s Competency Theory and Ethical Theory, Travelbee’s Interpersonal Theory, and Levine’s Adaptation Theory. In the 1960’s the changed from problems/needs to the functional role, between patients and nurses (George, 2011). 1965 was development of the first nurse practitioner role (Crisp & Taylor, 2009). In the 1970’s there was increased focus on developing specific nursing curriculums, and accreditation standards from the National League for nursing. In the 1980’s alterations, and expounding upon previous theories occurred. Other nursing theories were developed by, “Johnson, Benner, Parse, Leninger, Meleis, Pender, Riehl-Sisca and Erickson, Tomlin and Swain were added to the body of theoretical thought in nursing (George, 2011, p. 11). Present day nursing is based upon previous nursing theories and
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