Historical Development Of East Asian Political Tradition

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David Zernitsky
December 15, 2014
Prompt #4
Magnetic Hegemony
Going back to the first day, the significance of this course is a traditional political thought in action that is intrinsically interesting that is to say. It is interesting whether true or false and good or bad claims to make about important aspects of human life and politics, but also the balance of proper order and self-cultivation, as well as East Asian traditional political economy, and the way in which law and justice are perceived from the standpoint of human feelings. These are intrinsically interesting ideas and practices that deserved to be taken care of seriously as they are in East Asia today and again whether we accept or reject them for example as Americans it is useful to be exposed to them. Now moving into the long-term historical development of East Asian political tradition, not starting in the year 1839 or 1842, but rather at the root and period of Confucius and the Daos. The Daoists enable the numinous essence within people to be concentrated and unified. They move in unison with the Formless and provide adequately for all living things. In deriving their techniques, they follow the grand compliances of the Naturalists, select the best of the Confucians and Mohists, and extract the essentials of the Terminologists and Legalists. The Confucians are not like this. They maintain that the ruler is the exemplar for all-under-heaven. For them, the ruler guides and the officials harmonize…

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