Historical Development Of Health Care

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Health care in the United States is complex system that impacts each and every person living in our country. Tremendous advances in understanding disease etiology, diagnosis, treatment and diagnostic testing have transformed our health care system over the last few decades as did the rising cost of health care. Additionally, the number of uninsured or underinsured Americans continued to grow, prohibiting our population the opportunity to benefit from the aforementioned advancements. Geyman (2015) argues that upon the inception of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 the United States had roughly 50 million uninsured Americans. The federal government has made several attempts to decrease the number of insured Americans while improving quality and decreasing cost. The Affordable Care Act is the most recent attempt to solve these profound issues. Hospitals have long been the epicenters for medical care however this newly passed legislation has resulted in more collaborative care across the disease spectrum. This essay will highlight the historical development of hospitals in an addition to current health care reforms impact on the hospital system.
Historical Development and Current Role in Healthcare Delivery
Hospitals today are viewed as centers that can offer treatment to a wide variety of disease processes and patients. Curing and healing the sick was not the purpose of the first hospitals in the United States. Shultz (2014) argues that the first hospitals founded in…
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