Historical Development Of Personnel And Human Resource Management

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INTRODUCTION Within an organisation the human resource management department is very important. It is essential to keep employees happy for companies to achieve the maximum profits. This reports main aim is to cover the historical development of personnel and human resource management and how it has changed from the days of Robert Owen in the Victorian era to the 21st century. This report will also include definitions of personnel and human resource management along with their main functions. DEFINITION OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human resource management is the division of a company that is focused on activities relating to its most valuable resource – the employees. There are several HRM areas, however there are six essential functions of an employee in this department. These are, recruitment, employee relations, compensation and benefits, safety, training and development and finally compliance (Mayhew, 2014). An efficiently run human resource management department can present your company with structure and the ability to meet business aims. HOW HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT DIFFERS TO PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT There is much confusion over human resource management and the difference it has to personnel management. “The major difference between personnel management vs. human resource management is that personnel management is the traditional approach and human resource management represents the modern approach toward managing people in an enterprise.” (Nayab, 2013).

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