Historical Development of Nursing

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Running head: HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF NURSING 1 Historical Development of Nursing Valerie Spalding Theoretical Foundations of Practice NUR 513 May 31, 2014 Dr. Noura Kassis HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF NURSING 2 Historical Development of Nursing The development of nursing has made giant leaps throughout the last century. Starting with Florence Nightingale, the history of nursing will be discussed. A few significant events, theories and theorists will be depicted. In addition, the relationship between nursing science and the profession will be described. Moreover, the influences on nursing science of other disciplines will be mentioned. Because nursing has a plethora of history and…show more content…
Comprised of theory of self care, self care deficit, and nursing system; nursing care becomes necessary when the patient is unable to fulfill biological, psychological, developmental or social needs (George, 2011). This was the conceptual model used at the nursing school I attended. Another theorist that I admire from the 1970’s is Betty Neuman. From the principles of her psychological background, Neuman’s theory states that interaction with internal and external environment embracing the whole client system can affect an individual (Neuman & Fawcett, 2011). Simply stated, reduce stress. The 1980’s provided expansion and revision to many nursing theories based on research findings (George, 2011). Further research and broadening of nursing theories continued into the 1990’s and the 21st century (George, 2011). As technology and cultures advance, so will the need for additional research and nursing theory expansion. With more awareness of a multicultural society and multicultural needs, it is evident that diversity has had an impact on nursing theory (George, 2011). According to George (2011), diversity of theoretical thought is the focus guiding the discipline of nursing in research and evidence-based practice in the 21st century. Nursing Science and the Profession Nursing science is directly related to nursing as a profession. The definition of science is knowledge acquired through experience, and the definition of profession is a
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