Historical Development of Nursing Timeline

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline NUR/513 - THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF PRACTICE DOLORES DIEHL University of Phoenix March 10, 2014 Nursing science was defined in 1978 by Donaldson and Crowley as “principles and laws that govern life process, well- being, and optimum functioning of human beings-sick or well…; patterning of human behavior in interaction with the environment in critical life situations… and process by which positive changes in health status are affected (Donaldson, S. K. & Crowley, M. 1978 p. 113). The definition of nursing science was recently noted by U. S. National Institutes of Health which wrote that the “ ultimate intent of the knowledge generated through nursing research is to provide…show more content…
The nurse theorists include Peplau, Henderson, Hall and Abdellah. These nurses all developed some of the first theories that help to formulate the process we use today. Theorist from this time operated from a biomedical model that focused primarily on what nurses do, that is, their functional roles. During the 1960’s the focus of theoretical thinking in nursing moved from a problem/need and functional focus to the relationship between the nurse and the patient. During this time the theorist were Henderson, Orlando, and Wiedenbach. They looked at how nurses do what they do and how the patient perceive his situation. Also during this time was an additional theorist Joyce Travelbee and her theory was Human to Human relationship theory. In this theory Travelbee emphasized caring, empathy, sympathy and the emotional aspects of nursing. During the 1970’s is when the first nursing theories were presented. Most have been revised since that time but this was the time noted set of theory. One of the theoretical publications of this era was by Imogene King and her theory was titled “toward a theory of nursing”. From the theory came this important fact. She stated that “Although personal systems and social systems influence quality of care, the major elements in a theory of goal attainment are discovered in the interpersonal systems in which two people, who are usually
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