Historical Development of Nursing Timeline

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“ …Nursing science is that body of knowledge developed form questions raised by nurses and investigated by them, concerning the relationship of the human-health-environment” as Dr. Millar stated (George, 2011, p.11). The body of nursing science consists of theories, paradigms, and frameworks (George, 2011, p. 10). A nursing theory could be defined as “ a set of concepts, definitions, relationships, and assumptions or propositions derived from nursing models or from other disciplines and project a purposive, systematic view of phenomena by designing specific inter-relationships among concepts for the purposes of describing, explaining, predicting, and /or prescribing” Nursing theories are important since they provide the critical thinking…show more content…
Numerous research projects were done to support those nursing theories and to provide the base for evidence-based practice. The other important milestone of 1990s would the internationalization of nursing theories as it was evidenced by international conferences and publications (George, 2011). Many nursing models were revised and republished. Among already familiar theories and names from previous decades, the most important nursing theories of 1990s would include: K. Kolcaba’s A Theory of Holistic Comfort for Nursing (1994); C. Roy’s Future of the Roy Model (1997); B. Neuman’s The Neuman Systems Model in Research and Practice (1996); M.E. Levine’s The Rhetoric of Nursing Theory (1995) and other multiple theories. 2000s – The beginning of new millennium was characterized by acceptance of diversity of nursing theories. The diversity of nursing theories allowed the development of more middle range theories that guide the research and evidence-based practice (George, 2011). Important works during 2000s would include: A. Melels’ Theoretical Nursing: Development and Progress (2007); M. Leininger’s Culture Care Diversity and Universality (2006) and others. Profession is defined as “a vocation requiring extensive education in science or the liberal arts and often specialized training” (Definitions.net, 2014). The nursing science is related to profession of nusring in that the nursing science guides
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