Historical Development of Nursing Timeline

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline NUR/513 Theoretical Foundations of Practice Historical Development of Nursing Timeline With this paper the focus was on the authors focus on important nursing events from a historical perspective. In the early beginnings of nursing, religion played an important role since religious servants often provided healthcare services to the local communities. Nightingale obtained her education in Germany with Deaconess in Kaiserswerth (Gustafsson & Engström, 2011). The Deaconess movement founded several nursing schools and hospitals in the US at the same time as the Nightingale movement was established Roux & Halstead, 2009. Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale the founder of…show more content…
. Dorothea Orem’s Self--Care Deficient Theory of Nursing, 1971 Foundation of theory is based on three different theories, Theory of Self-Care, Theory Self-Care Deficient and the Theory of Nursing System (Masters, 2014). Imogene King Interacting Systems Framework, 1971 Interaction between personal system, interpersonal system and social systems. Betty Neuman’s Systems Model, 1974 Wellness model were body systems are exposed to both internal and external stressors (Masters, 2014). Jean Watson, 1979 Philosophy and Science of Caring, one of the most popular theories adopted by most Magnet hospitals. Based on 10 carative factors, later evolved to “…carative factors into what she termed clinical caritas processes” (Masters, 2014, pg. 52). Rosemary Parse’s Humanbecoming Theory, 1981 Founded under three major themes: meaning, rhythmicity and transcendence (Masters, 2014). Dr Patricia Benner, 1982 Novice to Expert Theory establishes that nurses gain experience by education an experience (Brenner, 1982). Nola Pender, Health Promotion Model, 1982 “Assist nurses in understanding the major determinants of health behaviors as a basis for behavioral counseling to promote healthy lifestyles (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons, 2002, pg. 2) Madeleine Leininger’s Cultural Diversity and Universality Theory, 1985 “…a substantive area of study and practice focused on comparative cultural care (caring) values, beliefs, and
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