Historical Development of Nursing Timeline

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Historical Development of Nursing Timeline Person may represent an individual, a family, a community or all humankind. Health represents a state of well-being as defined by the individual or mutually decided on by a individual and a nurse. Environment represents the person’s physical surroundings, the community, or the universe and all it contains. Nursing is the practice of the science and art of the discipline (George, 2011). Metaparadigm pertains to the core concepts of a particular discipline. Until the 1990's there was general agreement in the literature that the metaparadigm of the discipline of nursing consisted of four major concepts: person, health, environment, and nursing (George, 2011). Concepts are thoughts believed to be…show more content…
In this decade, Joyce Travelbee presented her Human-to-Human Relationship Theory. Her theory not only elaborates on the theory of Peplau, but emphasizes the importance of caring, empathy, sympathy and the emotional aspects of nursing. In 1965, the American Nurses Association (ANA) published a position paper on nursing education. This document changed the foundation of nursing education forever by recommending two levels of education for nursing: the professional nurse educated at the baccalaureate level and the technical nurse trained at the associate degree level (George, 2011). 1970s Nursing theories were first presented in the 1970s. The National League for Nursing (NLN) required schools of nursing to select, develop, and implement a conceptual framework for the curricula as an accreditation standard. This requirement focused theoretical thinking on the application of theory to nursing education (George, 2011). In 1971, Dorothea Orem developed the Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing. Her theory is composed of three interrelated theories: the theory of self-care, the self-care deficit theory, and the theory of nursing systems (“Theoretical Foundations of Nursing”, 2011). 1980s In the 1980s, many nursing theories were revised based on research findings that expanded them (George, 2011). From 1985 until 1989, Jean Watson edited her Theory of Human Caring. The essence of Watson’s theory is caring
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